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Somerset Towns Forum

V4F continues to be a member of the Somerset Towns Forum (STF).  The "Mission" of the STF is as follows:  To promote and support community-based action to revitalize the towns of Somerset.  

 To do this, the aim is to bring together representatives of all the towns and larger villages across Somerset in a network, so as to share issues of common concern, and help in the economic, social and environmental regeneration of the local communities.

Following a loss of funding, the STF has continued on a self-help basis, initially with 10 core members. This has meant some cutting back on activity.  However, with residual funds, and a small income from various minor contributions, we have been able to keep issuing the STF newsletters, just not so many of them.  

Each member takes on "Hosting" for 6 months, with the task to run a "Network Event".  V4F was Host in the second half of 2014, putting on its event, with the Town Council, in October. The current Host is the Diocese of Wells. The next event in Taunton on 18th November will address the problems with dealing with dementia day to day within our commuities.

The STF has also recently been fortunate enough to have a Lottery bid approved, which will enable our coordinator to continue to produce email bulletins, to refresh our website, and to put more life into our Facebook page.

STF has recently pushed around information on what it does to all councillors in towns and Districts likely to be interested in what it does, to seek more participating members and to encourage councillors to sign up to receive the news bulletin.  So far this has had an encouraging response.

The last V4F and Town Council Network Event dealt with the progress of our Community Plans, and addressed the challenge to find jobs in towns that have a significant population that commutes out, to attract them back into the town, and meet the calls for jobs generated by the size of the house building programme.

The new STF Terms of Reference, which also give details of the original ten Hosts, can be seen by clicking here

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